What is SEO

SEO is basically known as Search Engine Optimization. This is an effective process which is meant to increase the organic or natural ranking of a particular website. Those websites, which are getting enormous traffic daily, have got their SEO done on an optimum level. SEO can be taken as a lucrative therapy which turns into long term relief for the website. In the virtual world, optimization of URL holds great significance because the content matters a lot. If the content is worthy enough to shine as a cynosure, then it should not be ignored due to poor SEO.

I have got some SEO tips so it gets easier for you to recheck your content with different perspective;

1: Content is King: It is all about how you treat your content. If we believe that Content is King then you should be pretty aware that how King of an empire is treated. No doubt that you website has got outstandingly awesome design with eye catchy Intro flash animations, but that will all be wasted if the content is not worth it. It is just like that as if you welcome your guest with the VIP protocol and when he gets in, he finds that it’s not a house but a junkyard. Therefore, it is really important for your content not to be good but great. Always work for great & lucrative content and let the visitor say that “Yes, I am at the right place”.

2: Keyword Research: A thorough research of keywords really matters. The use of proper keywords plays an important role in the recognition of your content. If you have ever noticed yourself while surfing through Google, you always write few words no matter what the topic is. That is exactly where the seeds of keywords are sowed. This is how Google get to know that which topic is being searched by which keyword and bunch of which when what and how are answered in that process. That is why keyword research holds great importance and finally lets the content developer choose those keywords which get high traffic.

3:Title, Meta tags and Images: Content is not just about 2 or 4 paragraphs, It is more than that actually. Title of the content should not just be an attractive punch line but thoroughly optimized because it’s the first thing a reader goes through. Then we move on to Meta tags, these are specific words related to content and are more likely to be searched. Meta tags are actually really helpful in content recognition. About images, no doubt that right visuals have always been a great cause in enhancing the content. Visuals not only justify the content but clarify the concepts also.

4:Social Media: Social media is a great and highly beneficial source of marketing. Most probably, a casual scroll down of facebook, twitter or LinkedIn can get you a lot of regular visitors. If your title is really attractive, you can get even those visitors who never bother to seek some information through search engines. Facebook page or various related communities can be really helpful to get you enough traffic.

SEO is a time-consuming process and it takes a lot of effort also. You know what they say? Slow and steady wins the race. That is why SEO assures you long lasting results and regular traffic after few months. Therefore, keep enjoying these tips and soon I will get back to you with new and interesting topics.


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