Importance of Google Webmaster Tool in SEO

As clearly evident from the name it is not hard to guess that what is google webmaster?  Basically google webmaster is a set of specific tools for a webmaster. It is basically a very helpful tool that enables the user to communicate with the google and adjusts accordingly various aspects that how google views your particular site. Like for example listing the external and internal links to the particular site, moreover adjusting the crawl rate at which google bot indexes your site, further it helps in checking the keywords users types to land on the site like clicking through rate for each keyword. If Google Webmaster tool is used along with Google Analytics the output is going to be different rather better – SEO Company NJ. It is easy to access the google webmaster tools data directly from google analytics, but if you are already making use of Google analytics so usage of Google Webmaster Tools becomes easier.

Starting off

In order to sign up with google Webmaster Tools, you need to create a Google Account and then you can join Google Webmaster Tool. Once you join Google Webmaster Tool, you need to go through the process of verification of your Website or the domain you own. There are various ways to identify the ownership the first one is to download an HTML file and to upload it to the root directory of your site. Another one is to add an HTML tag into the head of the home page.

  • Search appearance

There are various aspects which are included in the search appearance like making use of structured data. It is a helpful way to explain the content of your website to the search engine, if you have structured data on your site GWT has a feature that shows the type of structured data that google was able to detect. Moreover, Structured Data Markup Helper allows you to tag the data fields for events, products and much more.

  • Site links

This section allows users to view all the site links that the user has added along with statistics such as the last date it was processed and the number of pages submitted and indexed. These can be viewed by content type, meaning web, video, images and news. It even gives you the option that it quickly detects any errors that need to be fixed.

  • Crawl

This section shows the errors google bot encountered on the user’s end.  The data you get is similar to what you get when you use the spider simulator and it shows inaccessible pages, missing pages, server errors and various problems that prevented Google from correctly crawling to your site.

  • Security Issues

One main concern that every webmaster are always concern about their website security and privacy, So Google Webmaster tool can help you to identify if there is any malware, errors, hosting issues, and let you know to take substantive measures to make it correct and make your website safe and secure for browsing.

  • Google Index

In this the user can make use of removing URL from google index, in this the user can remove URLs features in webmaster tools. This can be a very powerful tool, but it is to be used with care.

The keywords section allows the user to see the theme of your site. This is similar to the search queries section that also deals with keywords but whereas the keyword section also shows a variety of keywords.